AMAs with Founders

The most successful people in the world don’t get there alone. We believe strongly in learning from the success and failures of one another. So, every so often we bring in someone that we think has unique insights — whether they founded a huge business or deeply understand a problem that many of us face. We’ll continue to invite inspiring people to share their stories, and give you an opportunity to interact with them directly. We’ll update this page with any future AMAs, and welcome your suggestions of other people we should talk to (email [email protected] with your ideas).

Benjamin Witte, founder of Recess

Read if you want learn about building a strong consumer brand without much paid marketing, effectively using omni-channel marketing, and regulatory problems related to the CBD industry.

Jack Smith, co-founder of Vungle

Read if you want learn about the next evolution of advertising and social media, cofounder relationships, early-stage acquisition, and how to build a cohesive story when raising venture capital.

Matt Kepnes, AKA Nomadic Matt