Cold brew office kegs are the future of coffee

What you need to know: 

  • Cold brew coffee, a $29m industry, is expected to grow to $170m by 2025. 
  • Grant Gyesky, co-founder of RISE Brewing Co., believes the white space for providing cold brew kegs at offices is “enormous.” 

How you can capitalize:

  • Build a cold brew business that specializes in office kegs, particularly in underserved areas in the Midwest and Europe.
  • Distribute and manage kegs for current and future cold brew coffee companies.
  • Concoct a cold brew mashup by combining the popular drink with nutrients, protein or alcohol.

RISE Brewing Co.’s first client, in spring 2015, was a Brooklyn restaurant called Colonie. Co-founders Grant Gyesky and Jarrett McGovern provided a keg for the weekend brunchers the same way a brewery would with craft beer. Their frothy concoction looked similar to a stout, too: Poured into a glass, RISE’s drink foamed at the top.