Curiosity May Have Killed the Cat, But It’ll Grow Your Business Like Crazy

When it comes to growing a business, our guy Sam Parr is a bit of a coyote trickster. He’s a benevolent troublemaker whose tactics are reminiscent of showmen like P.T. Barnum, Ben Franklin, and others. For example:

  • The marketing for Southern Sam’s, his chain of hot-dog carts that sold “weiners as big as a baby’s arm.”
  • Early Hustle stories published under pen names like Steve Garcia, Sid Finch, and Steph Whitfield to make the team seem bigger.
  • A Black Friday sale made to look like a leaked internal email sold hundreds of thousands of dollars in Trends subscriptions in a few days.

Sam doesn’t take himself too seriously. Most of the time, his stunts are driven by his sense of humor and a desire to entertain.