Ep 5: The First Viral Website: “Hot or Not”

Shaan Puri: Okay, so what is this? So something that entertains me. And so I wanted to create a podcast which was first and foremost, just an excuse to hang out with people who I haven’t been able to hang out with as much. So, now one way is to say, “Hey, let’s go grab a coffee.” And the other way is to say, “What if we recorded this so that other people could be a fly on the wall and hear stories or chatter about random stuff.” And I’m not trying to do it educationally. So for me it’s stories.

Shaan Puri: So the podcast is called My First Million. And the reason I picked that is because, the audience that listens to this they are entrepreneurs already or wantrepreneurs kind of thinking about, “Hey, that’s the dream. I’d love to sort of quit my job and start a business someday.” And I remember for me, and I think this applies to many people, which is the idea of a million bucks is like a magic number. Even today when everyone’s a billionaire, still if you’re a thousandaire, a million bucks sounds like all the money.

James Hong: Totally understand.