Ep 6: How This Silicon Valley Outsider Hustled His Way to $750M Exit – Meet Vungle’s Jack Smith

Shaan Puri: Jack, man I appreciate you coming on the show. I’ve been excited to have you on because every time I meet you, you are up to some new companies, some new experiment, some new kind of clever thing. I would call you sort of, you’re the most clever guy I know in Silicon Valley.

Shaan Puri: I asked some friends of the day, I was saying, if we had to nominate one of us to go on a game show and you don’t even know what the game show is but want… you’re going to need some set of skills to win it. Maybe you have to be good socially, physically, you have to be clever or self-puzzles, whatever. And I feel like you would be my pick. Because you are very clever and it seems like whatever system gets put in front of you, you end up cracking the code and is that fair or that surprising to you when I say that?

Jack Smith: No, I’d like to think along those lines though. I just like trying whatever system is in front of me. I do think about like game shows and stuff as well like how to do reverse engineer the [inaudible 00:01:53].