How Harry Dry Grew His Newsletter Business to 20k+ Subscribers in a Year

We recently published a deep dive on the newsletter industry. The feedback was very positive, so we decided to highlight more practical tips for growing a newsletter business.

In this interview, we talk to Harry Dry, who grew Marketing Examples to 20k+ subscribers in one year with zero funding.

His weekly newsletter is a 2-minute read that highlights case studies and actionable tips from real startups.

In this Q&A, you’ll learn:

  1. Why Harry started a newsletter business in such a competitive space
  2. His first steps to get Marketing Examples off the ground
  3. Conversion best practices to get to 20k subs 
  4. Key inflection points on his journey
  5. How to use Twitter to grow a newsletter
  6. How he bootstrapped Marketing Examples
  7. How to find sponsors
  8. His favorite marketing example
  9. Marketing misconceptions
  10. What his future plans are


1. What made you decide to start Marketing Examples in an already crowded space?