Selling Bibles to Young People: How One Company Created a Niche Market for Fancy Bibles

What you need to know: Inspired by faith and minimalist design, a pair of Christian millennials launched Alabaster, a photography-focused Bible publishing company. Early investment capital came from Daniel Fong, founder of $70m furniture business Million Dollar Baby.

How to capitalize: Other religious texts are ripe for redesigns that blend ancient wisdom, modern aesthetics, and cultural relevance. And don’t sleep on secular classics with wide fan bases: 2019 saw a huge set of creative works enter the public domain for the first time in 20 years, including hits by heavyweights Willa Cather, Anton Chekov, and Rudyard Kipling. That means anyone can turn a profit on those creative properties with the right approach.

* * *

The Bible is available in hundreds of world languages and English translations. But until recently, one tongue was missing: Millennial.