How Tenta Browser Built a Successful Subscription Business

In a Google-dominated world that even Microsoft couldn’t crack, is there an industry for niche browsers? Tenta has built a successful subscription business for a niche browser.

The Seattle-based startup offers an encrypted browser with a built-in VPN and an ad blocker. Since launching in 2016, the app, which is available on Android and in a limited form on iOS, has been downloaded ~2 million times on Google Play, with 1 million of those downloads coming since March. It also has more than 17k ratings on Google Play with a 4.3 score.  

We spoke with Tenta Browser co-founder Jen McEwen about how the co-founders got their idea from a previous adult entertainment app business, their tips for growth and how they’re marketing to a mainstream audience that might be unfamiliar with encrypted browsing. The interview has been condensed for brevity and clarity.