The Hygiene Industry: Opportunities and Changes

Picture this: It’s April 2021 and you’re meeting a friend for dinner. You can’t decide where to go because your favorite tapas place is closed — communal food is a thing of the past. You eventually agree on a spot, but it’s hard to get a reservation since restaurants are only accommodating half their normal number of patrons.

While you might make the 6pm train, you call an Uber instead because you don’t want to risk having to squash yourself into a crowded subway car. Your health and wellbeing are worth the extra money.

Perceptions and behaviors relating to hygiene have changed forever thanks to the coronavirus pandemic. Although we might not yet know exactly how things will change, one thing’s for sure: You can say goodbye to hugging and shaking hands with strangers. And you might not want to press that elevator button or touch that restaurant menu — at least not without sanitizing.