Inside the $1T Market for Age Tech

Helen Ruth Elam (AKA “Baddie Winkle”, AKA “Bad Lil Baddie”) has 3.7m followers on Instagram. She is 92 years old and says she’s been “stealing ur man since 1928!!”

Baddie is just one of many influencers proving that 90 is the new 80, 80 is the new 70, and so on. Lili Hayes (72) is a comedian with ~233k followers. Shauna Robertson (58) is a lifestyle and fashion blogger with 100k followers. Fitness model Angelique Miles (52) has ~50k followers. 

While marketers and advertisers have long been obsessed with capturing the attention of consumers aged 18-35, the over-55s spend twice as much as millennials under 35 in the US.