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Kava bar near me

Kava bar near me

You’ve heard of CBD, but have you heard of the equally legal kava? Unlike popular plant species kratom (which has also gained popularity), kava isn’t addictive and is considered relatively safe. The Western-Pacific plant—also referred to as the intoxicating pepper—can have similar social-inducing effects as alcohol, without the heavy hangover. Others are using the plant to reduce anxiety, relax muscle tension, or improve sleep.

What’s next: In an age when non-alcoholic beer is gaining attention, so are kava bars. There are currently around 100 kava bars dispersed around the US––yet, despite 12.1k searches for “kava drink” each month, there are entire states without a kava presence. Kava is often consumed through beverages, either through powder form or steeping, but there’s a world of kava products that are waiting to be created.


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