Lessons from Japan: 5 Trends You Can Trade On

This is the first in a series of articles in which we investigate trends in different parts of the world, show how companies are responding to those trends, and provide lessons you can apply to your business.  

Anyone lucky enough to have traveled to Japan will know why we start our journey with this fascinating Asian island. In this piece, we’ll cover 5 key characteristics of the country that you can learn from:

  • Convenient, healthy food: We extract learnings from a culture that has mastered healthy eating and how to apply impeccable food hygiene standards in a post-COVID world hyper-focused on food safety. 
  • J-Wellness: We uncover opportunities to investigate societal tendencies based on physical and mental wellness and bring them to the West.
  • Automation-based experiences: We show how one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world has integrated robots into everyday life and which automated experiences might take off elsewhere.
  • Party-for-one culture: As single-occupant household rates continue to rise around the world, Japan serves as a model of what a “super solo” society of the future could look like. 
  • And our favorite recession-proof industry… pets: Even though there are relatively few pet owners in Japan, they are notorious for pampering their pooches. There are opportunities for entrepreneurs to capitalize in countries where pet owners are in the majority. 

What Makes Japan Different