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Problem Solved? The Trends community explores the future of commutes

Your responses to our Solve This Problem feature

With the onset of automation, people may have the option to take their eyes off the road and onto other things. How do Trendsters envision that future?

  • Snoozing: Buying back another hour on that ‘snooze button.
  • Connecting: Imagine spending an hour connecting with other commuters. Conference calls matched by interest or subway chatrooms powered by bluetooth. Who doesn’t need another mastermind group?
  • Exercising: Car zumba, anyone? How about a bus gym? Okay, we’ll settle for some light meditation.
  • Micro-tasks: Many people already utilize their commute to do the small things. Hit inbox zero (Slack zero–if that exists?), give feedback on a project, or build out your to-do list. 
  • Learn: From reading to taking full-fledged courses, some people use this time to level up. Others stay sharp through brain games like Luminosity.
  • N/A: With the rise of #remotework, the “no commute club” may take over.

Or perhaps the best solution of all is some combination of the above, with a tool that gives you suggestions based on your expected commute.

Hey Siri, how long is my commute?

54 minutes.

What should I do with it? 



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