Reverse-Engineering for Growth, With Julian Shapiro and Aadil Razvi

Julian Shapiro is the founder of Demand Curve, a Y Combinator-funded training program that teaches companies and individuals to become expert marketers. Earlier this year, he joined us for one of our first Trends lectures, in which he dropped 15 growth marketing tactics to supercharge your startup

In September he was back for round 2, and this time he was joined by Aadil Razvi, the head of sales at Demand Curve. They’re divulging all the growth insights they have gathered from reverse-engineering the strategies of successful Twitter accounts and competitors, and providing actionable tips on how to apply them to drive growth in your business, including:

  • Reverse-Engineering Twitter 
    1. Why you should care about Twitter
    2. Which types of content get the most engagement
    3. How to attract followers (not just likes)
    4. How to use topics to expand your reach
    5. Why to treat Twitter as a blog, not a fire hose
    6. Where to find inspiration for quality content (so that you don’t have to rely on shower thoughts)
    7. How to use your profile to convert visits to followers

  • Reverse-Engineering Competitors
    1. How to see a company’s current A/B tests
    2. How to find a company’s hidden ad landing pages
    3. How to find a company’s Facebook ads and purposefully get retargeted 
    4. How to audit a company’s content marketing
    5. How to audit a company’s onboarding funnel