The $100k-a-Year Franchise Opportunity Helping Small Businesses Grow

Have you ever wanted to create your own podcast? How about one that brings in $100k a year while helping small businesses grow?

Then you should meet Lee Kantor, founder of Business RadioX, an Atlanta-based small-business radio/podcast network that can be replicated in any market. What started as an Atlanta radio show––Mr. Fitness and the Fat Guy––has evolved over the past decade into a 9-city franchise, with plenty of room to grow.  

Kantor, a longtime marketer, has turned traditional radio advertising on its head by offering local businesses an opportunity to host their own podcasts that target hard-to-reach audiences. His company grew out of his frustration with seeing how hard it was for small businesses to get any attention in the press. Unless your last name is Bezos or Musk, there’s no guarantee your company will ever get a media mention.