The End of Aging

What you need to know: 

  • Aging is far more likely to contribute to disease than typical vices, and scientists have been working on methods, such as tissue regeneration, to keep us healthier for much longer. Harvard professor David Sinclair believes in the near future the average life expectancy will increase from 83 to 113 and that people will not decline as rapidly in their last years.
  • Some $800m was invested in anti-aging startups last year, compared to ~$100m in 2013. 

How you can capitalize: 

  • Improve wearable technology: Instead of measuring heart rates, blood sugar or other important markers, new wearables will signal to users how to improve health and longevity on a daily basis, like by eating a certain meal. These devices also might be implanted under the skin.
  • Rethink society: If we’re living much longer, healthier lives, more attention will be paid to seniors than ever before. The exercise industry will boom, and senior entrepreneurs, already common, will become more frequent.  
  • Consolidate your next startup (and your skill set): Mehmood Khan, Life Biosciences CEO, says technology, academia, the medical field and ecommerce are going to meld like never before, in part because of the anti-aging movement. “Gone are the days where you’re a businessman or engineer or academic…In the modern age those lines are blurred and rightly so.”   

* * *