The Non-Alcoholic Beer Market Is Bubbling Up

What you need to know: 

  • With the rise of the “sober-curious” movement, the non-alcoholic beer market is poised to grow at 8% over the next 5 years, with industry heavyweights and independents investing heavily in the space.

How you can capitalize: 

  • Global markets look strong, particularly in Asia-Pacific, the Middle East (accounting for a third of the market), and Latin America.
  • Non-alcoholic beer gives us the opportunity to ride the wave of the “wellness revolution”, as non-alcoholic beer packs in lower calories, has additional health benefits, and can be modified to host anything from dietary fibers to amino acids for your next workout. Even Olympic athletes are drinking this stuff.
  • The lack of restriction on the alcohol-free products enables completely new access and experiences. This spans the introduction of non-alcoholic beer in gyms, fast food joints, supermarkets, and just about anywhere that sells H2O. This includes our dear friend, the internet!

* * *