The Rent Everything Industry

How you can capitalize

  • Market a rental goods company to college students, the most mobile populations in the United States. Or market toward boomers, who are scaling back on possessions but have been mostly neglected by current startups. 
  • With other companies renting furniture, focus on interior design and make good use of VR. 
  • Build a logistics platform that makes it easy for companies to rent, clean, and return items.  

The United States is changing into a country that favors mobility, sustainability, and convenience — not permanence — and not enough businesses are keeping up. 

According to Pew, there were more renters in the United States in 2016 than at anytime in the previous 50 years. The total number, 43m, has increased 26% since 2006. Meanwhile, the number of homeowners is about 75m, which has stayed flat since 2006.