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The Small Businesses Making the Most Profit and Growing the Fastest

More than 700 entrepreneurs have shared their financials with us. Search our database

We just introduced a new tool to help you analyze business opportunities in real-time: The Trends Guide to Small Business Growth.

Trends subscribers have full access to the financial details of 500+ small businesses, including thousands of rows of data. Want to search the fastest-growing, most profitable companies? We give you the tools.

Scroll below to see the full dataset. If you haven’t submitted information about your own business, you can share it here.

Among the businesses we have information on:

  • A podcast producer making $186k/year
  • A five-year-old company that offers “vacation parties” for college students, now doing $2.5m/year
  • A leather accessories manufacturer that grew to $6.4m in two years
  • A pool builder bringing in $8.4m a year after four years
  • A CBD website owner bootstrapped to $10m in four years

Read over a dozen stories of these companies and how they scaled here.

Here are some of the insights you can glean from our data:

Startup costs: Many small businesses that shared their data required little upfront capital and saw a quick return on their investment. Nearly half of the small business owners used less than $10k to get started, and 1 in 5 used less than $1k.

About 70% earned back their initial investment during their first year.

The quickest way to $1m: Seventeen respondents reported revenue of $1m or greater in their first year. The standout fields for making $1m quickly? Marketing/advertising and apparel/fashion.

Here’s how it breaks down:

The newest companies with very high growth and very high profit margins: Six companies in business for just one year reported profit margins of 80% or higher in their first year, coupled with expectations of at least 90% year-over-year growth.

They include companies in the security, trucking, hospitality, and marketing/advertising space. One business––a virtual marketing agency that focuses on gig workers––expects to bring in $300k this year, with annual operating costs of $3k. Another company projects $3m in 2019 revenue with $250k in annual costs.

Here are a few more details about the fastest-growing startups: 

We’d love to get your feedback on the database. Let us know how we can make it more useful by filling out this short survey.

Click Here for the entire dataset that you can filter and sort


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