The Tokyo Digital Museum That Banked $100m

What you need to know: 

  • People are flocking to digital museums in Asia that are utilizing proprietary technology to develop viral experiences, driving $100m in their first year.
  • Traditional museums are heavily dependent on capital-intensive assets which are proprietary due to scarcity. The Tokyo digital museum flips this model on its head by building technology that can be duplicated many times over, resulting in far more attractive margins.

How you can capitalize: 

  • Opportunists can partner with digital collaboratives to create new digital experiences. The beauty of technology-based experiences is in the scalability, so the end result could be a 100,000+ square-foot space like Borderless or a much smaller digital pop-up.
  • Others can get involved with the tech, by developing interactive and responsive artwork like teamLab has, and then selling or licensing the technology to other companies.
  • Leverage the concept of interactive digital experiences to build out entirely new concepts, ranging from interactive concerts to dynamic education tools.

* * *