Trends in the Trenches: 3 Steps to a 6-Figure Launch

Steph Smith’s first book — a self-published guide to content marketing called Doing Content Right (– sold $100k+ in copies in less than a year across over 3000 sales). Her new course on thoughtful productivity (Doing Time Right) did $20k+ in its first 3 weeks of presales. Trendsters get access to the only coupon codes currently available: 50% off with TRENDSONLY.

To put that in perspective, the average book sells <1k copies over its entire lifetime, and even top-end Udemy instructors still only make ~$2k/mo. on their courses.

One key — aside from simply making great content — can be found in the 3-step launch process she’s using for both products…

1. Idea Validation and Presales