Use These 2 Facebook Ads to Validate Your Business Idea

Trendster Brian Thomas is humble as far as marketing experts go. 

Rather than take credit for his ideas, he quickly points to others — like Brian Moran (founder of Get 10k Fans) and Eric Carlson (founder of SweatPants Agency) — whom he’s worked with and learned from in the trenches.

Yet the fact remains that Brian has the kind of experience (and results) few can claim. Over the last few years, he has:

  • Served as CTO at Samcart, leading a product launch that generated $1.2m in 4 days.
  • Ran product for Hunt a Killer, cutting their customer acquisition cost by 50%.
  • Launched his most recent business, Completing the Puzzle, and grew it to $1m+ ARR in the first 9 months.