Using NFTs to Fight Sweepstakes Fraud (+ More NFT Business Ideas from the Trends Community)

A quick search for “NFT” in the Trends Facebook group reveals a bunch of business ideas, including applications in crowdfunding, publishing, gaming, event tickets, music, and more. 

One that I (Julia) became obsessed with after binging watching a docu-series about the ~$24m McDonald’s Monopoly fraud in 8 consecutive hours over the course of my December vacation: NFTs for sweepstakes competitions. 

If (like me) you’ve never heard of McDonald’s Monopoly, it’s a game where customers collect stickers found on McDonald’s food packaging. Each piece represents a tile on a Monopoly board, and players can win by collecting “sets” or finding instant-win stickers that range from free food to $1m cash.

Source: Class Opener