Weddings Go Micro

Your future summers may include far fewer wedding invites, and it won’t be because you’re less popular. The wedding industry, long overdue for disruption, is trending smaller and more affordable as millennials rethink costs and strict traditions that were once considered mandatory. 

Several companies are meeting these demands by trying to simplify almost every aspect of a wedding, from invitations to guest lists to gift registries to flowers — and even the idea of a wedding itself. In the last several years, a new celebration that’s grander than an elopement but smaller than a full-scale wedding has grown increasingly popular: the microwedding. 

“It is a trend we are seeing,” says Esther Lee, a senior editor at the powerhouse wedding website The Knot. “Couples are curating and personalizing the experience on the wedding day. Certain people are choosing to have more intimate weddings because it speaks to them and their personalities.”