Trends Community Calendar

Welcome to the Trends Community Calendar. Here, you can access all of our upcoming events, including community-led events and those run by our team. The calendar below is in PST, but if you add it to your own calendar, it’ll adjust to your timezone.

Please take a moment to add the feed to your calendar HERE.

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Interested in running an event?

All Trends members are welcome to host an event for the Trends community. You may want to host an event to:

  • Connect with fellow curious minds around a topic you care about
  • Invite an expert for a AMA/ learning session
  • Throw a more casual mixer for members to get to know each other or cowork
  • Make yourself and others accountable around your creative projects
  • Discuss the latest trends in your industry

We invite you to get creative here. Want to run a chess tournament? A hackathon? Take a course with other members? Please take the initiative!

You don’t need previous experience or to ask for permission to organize an event. But please note, events should be based on creating for opportunities to connect and learn. They are not spaces to sell and promote your product or service.

Ready to host?

  1. Find a convenient date and time. While a Doodle poll may be helpful in a very small groups,  it’s often much easier to choose what works for you than to try to accommodate lots of different schedules. Try to avoid a time conflict with an existing event.
  2. Set it up: To set up your event, fill out this form. Our team can help set up the event, add it to the calendar, and send you confirmation. We aim to do this within 72 hours, so please submit events that are at least 1-week in advance.
  3. Announcing the event: Your event will be announced in our weekly event post on Facebook, in the community email newsletter, and placed in our Google calendar.

Organize an event!