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Private community of thousands of high-level entrepreneurs.

Proprietary database with detailed information on over 700 small businesses.

Weekly case studies showcasing world-class organizations.

Signals on fast-growing trends with advice on how to pounce on them.

"Simply put, we do the research. You build the next great company."


*14-day access, $299 after. Cancel anytime.


The most powerful business peer group

Connect with thousands of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs, executives and insiders. Collectively, Trend members have companies with tens of billions in revenue.

They say you're the average of the 5 people you spend most of your time with. Are you surrounding yourself with the right people? You are now.

*14-day access, $299 after. Cancel anytime.


Pull back the curtain in to how private companies operate

We surveyed thousands of business owners. The result? A robust database that shows the revenue, income, growth, annual expenses, barrier to entries, and stories from hundreds of different businesses.

Take a look under the hood of companies, ranging from $100m furniture stores, mom and pop shops, software companies, and more.

Weekly Signals

Keep your fingers on the pulse of the latest market trends

We spend thousands of hours uncovering the fastest-growing business concepts, industries, and companies to tell you what's the next big thing.

Most importantly, Trends will show you how to capitalize on them!

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  • Weekly email brief: Every Tuesday we’ll email you case studies, in-depth analysis, and interviews with successful founders, describing the latest business trends and opportunities
  • Signals: Email updates includes a feature called Signals, where we’ll alert you to early-stage concepts, businesses, and apps so you won’t miss out on the latest opportunities
  • Small business database:  We share exclusive data on 500+ businesses, including growth rates, headcount, average revenue (first year vs current year), startup costs and more — and we expect to eventually collect data for thousands more
  • Private community: Discuss each week’s reports, post business questions or ideas, and tap into a network filled with top leaders and motivated entrepreneurs.
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