Fast Growing Profitable Small Businesses

A database with financial data galore and recession-proof markets that soar.

Curious about which startups grow quickly and actually make money? We’ve got you covered. 

More than 400 people have shared key details about their companies for our small business database (share yours here), and we expect to eventually collect data for thousands more. In this week’s newsletter, we’re giving you a sneak peek. 

We’re also covering: 

  1. Recession-proof businesses: With recession warnings on the rise, we highlighted five markets and products that tend to thrive during economic downtimes. 

  2. The beauty tech boom: The next big thing in an industry that saw $303m in startup investments last year? Technology for exhibiting and selling skincare products. 

  3. Electric bikes: Scooters get most of the attention, but ebikes are projected to grow from ~30m units sold annually to ~75m in the coming years.      

If you missed last week’s email, it’s available here. Our most clicked items: Stories about non-alcoholic beer and cold brew. A pitch deck about millennial motels remained popular, too.

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