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1.21.2020 Issue #32
⚽ How Alex Mather Built The Athletic – RV Parks Worth Millions – New Insights on Chinese Spending 🇨🇳

Happy Davos week. Who knows, maybe you’ll get there someday by following an idea from the Trends community…

Quick note: We’re planning to send the next newsletter in two weeks (Feb. 4). Many of you have asked for more detailed reports and a less-frequent cadence, so expect to see us in your inboxes biweekly.

New this week: How Alex Mather’s multimillion-dollar success with The Athletic could translate to other startups… The fragmented RV and mobile home site industry has plenty of room for new businesses… Famous investor checklists… And why the Chinese are digging ambient milk and other takeaways from its growing economy.

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Practical tips for investing and growing your business.

Comcast is accepting applications for a new sports tech accelerator. A retired stockbroker curated these company evaluation checklists for Warren Buffett, Joel Greenblatt, and others. If you’re thinking about investing more in the stock market, this is a great time to
buy Chinese stocks.
But more than half of CEOs expect the global economic growth rate to decline in the next 12 months. How to start thinking of your customers as a network that can save you from spending too much on marketing. Speaking at a conference? Here’s how to build an interesting, efficient presentation.

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