Dive into the events business

Boring trade shows win the day, while these affiliate blogs more than pay.

Last week we asked you what industries interest you the most. The most popular? CBD and cannabis.

Because of that, I’m writing this sentence while drinking Recess*, a CBD drink that promises to make me feel “calm, cool, and collected” and more creative. I’ll be done with the drink by the time I finish this email…so you be the judge if it worked.
*Not sponsored. I acquired this can myself for $5 at a tiny bodega on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. The cashier said they’re selling like crazy.

Recap: Last week’s email had a 266% open rate, meaning many of you opened numerous times (or forwarded it!). The most popular stories were on the big business of expired pharmaceutical patents, an interview with a founder who sold his company for $100m after just 3 years, and a free book called Founder to CEO.
Today’s edition contains:

  1. Case study: The billion-dollar events business (link)
  2. Interview: Brian Scudamore, CEO of 1-800-GOTJUNK?, whose company took 8 years to hit $1m/yr. in revenue. Today it does ~ $1m/day. (link)
  3. Quick takes: Why we’re bullish on online plant sales and affiliate blogs.