How to Knock Your Customer Acquisition Costs Out Cold with UFC Champ Michael Bisping and Aaron Avruskin

Join UFC Champion Michael Bisping and media exec Aaron Avruskin, founders of PlayLine & Mark Cuban joint-venture partners, as we uncover growth hack secrets to lowering your customer acquisition costs. In this seminar, you will learn:

  • How to take Ownership in your Funnel for Customer Acquisition
  • How to turn Customer Acquisition Costs into a Positive Revenue Generating Line Item
  • How to structure deals with ad partners
  • How to ensure the greatest ROI possible in digital media

PlayLine is an industry-leader in the sports gaming and digital media space. Founded by UFC Champion Michael Bisping and NBA All Star Roy Hibbert, the company offers a revolutionary and patent pending Sports Lottery product – which replaces the randomly selected lottery ball, with the numerical stats of pro athletes – and awards prizing to users based on the number of correct predictions made. Additionally, PlayLine is joint venture partners with Mark Cuban on Leverage Game Media – a firm which owns & operates some of the most highly-engaged, sports-focused communities across social media – which uniquely positions the company as both gaming operators, and controllers of the funnel for customer acquisition. With over 300,000 registered users on the PlayLine platform, and over US$17M in gross revenues in just two short years, PlayLine holds partnerships with major sports leagues, media conglomerates and strategic industry counterparts, all while boasting a CAC of just $25 – far and away the lowest rate of customer acquisition in all of gaming.