How to create a remarkable culture that transcends physical walls

Join Eimear Marrinan, Director of Culture at HubSpot, world-renowned for it’s strong company culture, as we discuss a few critical talking points:

  • As HubSpot transitioned into a fully remote workforce, how they were challenged to take what they had learned from their remote community over the past ten years and apply these lessons in order to adapt their processes, our systems, and our culture to fit their new needs. 
  • And it worked. Moving from a ‘remote friendly’ to a ‘remote first’ world of work helped HubSpot to grow their culture for the better, focusing on people over location. 
  • But… how do you avoid creating two sub-cultures, and one that favours in-office behaviours?
  • Eimear will share how HubSpot is thinking about the future of work, and her approach to creating a remarkable culture for all.