Lead Generation with Mike Moll

Generating high-quality leads has always been challenging. Now, face-to-face lead generation opportunities are more limited than ever — over 12k b2b trade shows were cancelled in 2020 alone (approx 80b+ in commerce). With everyone taking to the internet to pitch their product or service you need to stand out. 

In this session Mike will…

  1. Walk through some ways to easily find your audience online
  2. Show you a method of communication that will generate a 70%+ response rate
  3. Give you a detailed action plan on how to get highly qualified sales calls on your first point of contact

Mike is the founder of Market Me, a consulting firm focused on helping entrepreneurs and business owners connect with the businesses who need them. Constantly striving to provide his clients simple, cost-effective ways to find new leads and land quality clients, Mike’s gained a reputation for using lean marketing to help his clients make more money. That reputation has landed him in hundreds of strategy meetings, providing consulting on multi-channel marketing and sales processes.