Mental Models with Shane Parrish

Shane Parrish is the founder of Farnam Street, known for its fitting motto “No Noise. All Signal”. Shane’s newsletter reaches 250k+ subscribers, while Similar Web estimates that his site brings in over 700k readers every single month. Shane is also well-known for his podcast The Knowledge Project, his premium Learning Community, his work with mental models, authoring two books on mental models, with two more on the way.

Normally, Shane is on the other side of the table, interviewing impressive people like Naval, Jason Fried, Annie Duke, Howard Marks, Ben Thompson, Patrick Collison, Adam Grant, and Ryan Holiday.

During this 45 minute session, we’re flipping the script and giving the audience direct access to Shane. This is an AMA, but we encourage questions targeted at Shane’s expertise: sharper thinking. In other words… mental models, decision making frameworks, and strategies for living a more fulfilling life.