No Code Past the MVP with Ben Tossell

With only ~0.5% of the world knowing to code, that shouldn’t limit you from building your own products. With the surge of no code tools like Airtable, Bubble, Zapier, Coda, Webflow, and more… the possibility of making a fully-functioning application is available to anyone with an internet connection. We’re bringing in No Code expert and MakerPad founder, Ben Tossell, to show us how no code can be taken past the MVP.

About Ben: Ben Tossell is the founder of MakerPad, an education platform and community for entrepreneurs looking to build applications with no code. MakerPad has scaled to over $240k in its first year, starting as a bootstrapped business but since receiving funding from the likes of Tiny Capital and Earnest Capital. He was also one of the first hires at Product Hunt.