How 7-Figure Newsletters Make Money: Part 1

Welcome to chapter four of our guide the newsletter industry.

In this section, we’ll be breaking down the business model that powers all media companies, and diving deep into the mechanics on how free newsletters make money.

We’ve talked to leaders across the industry, including deep dives with our team here at The Hustle, early hires at Morning Brew, and the teams behind third-party products like Substack, Pico, Sparkloop, and more.

We’ve distilled their advice into a few simple frameworks — things to guide your decision-making. We’ll unpack them here, including:

  • How to find advertisers and price ads
  • How top sellers use cold outreach to convert new customers
  • How and when to grow your ad inventory
  • How and when to choose affiliate deals
  • And more…

When you finish here, you will have a better idea of where your newsletter currently fits in your overall business model, how to monetize it, and what you might want to add to increase earning potential. You’ll also be equipped with hands-on tips and scripts for client prospecting, overcoming objections, and selling ads via phone or email!

You can view the presentation below, or click here for the full-screen version.

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