How 7-Figure Newsletters Make Money: Part Two

Welcome to chapter five of our guide the newsletter industry.

In this section, we’ll be breaking down the business model that powers all media companies, and diving deep into the mechanics on how paid subscriptions are sold.

We’ve talked to leaders across the industry, including deep dives with our team here at The Hustle, as well as solo operators like Kevin VanTrump and James Altucher (both of who generate millions each year on paid newsletters).

We’ve also talked to decision-makers at companies like Motley Fool, New Yorker, etc., and the teams behind third-party products like Substack, Beehiiv, Pico, and more. All of them have tons of experience with paid subscriptions.

We’ve distilled their advice into a few simple frameworks to guide your decision-making. We’ll unpack them here, including:

  • How paid newsletters grow your bottom line through recurring revenue
  • When it makes sense to launch a paid newsletter
  • How to price newsletters, and rules for experimenting with prices
  • Step-by-step product flows for selling paid newsletters
  • And more…

When you finish here, you will have a better idea of where your newsletter currently fits in your overall business model, how to monetize it, and what you might want to add to increase earning potential.

You can view the presentation below, or click here for the full-screen version.

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