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A few weeks ago, one of our subscribers put out a question to our community.

“If you were starting from scratch in 2020, what kind of business would you start?”

Thousands of successful founders and business operators responded.

And one answer kept coming back:

A newsletter.

That response might come as a surprise.

Especially if you don’t know much about the newsletter business.

Here’s the reality:

1. There are (almost) zero barriers to starting a newsletter.

2. The margins on running a newsletter are kind of insane. There are newsletter businesses doing eight figures with a pre-tax margin of ~90%.

3. Newsletters allow a business to form a direct relationship with their audience. That means brand loyalty.

You want to know the kicker?

There are endless opportunities and unexplored niches that you can pounce on today.

After that survey, we saw an opportunity of our own.

Our analysts wrote an in-depth guide to walk our members through the business side of writing a newsletter.

Important to note: we do have a little bit of experience in this field.

(Our daily newsletter has over 1.3 million subscribers)

The guide explains the different business models you can explore, the real financials of the world’s biggest newsletters, and opportunities that you can start on today.

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The signal: As meditation becomes mainstream, people may be surprised to find that searches for sleep apps double their meditation counterpart. As people invest in getting a better night’s rest, there’s opportunity abound, including physical products like weighted blankets or premium PJs, supplements like melatonin (50k+ searches per month), popular insomnia drugs having their patents expire (ex: Silenor), companies paying their employees to sleep better, marketing for sleep specialists, or online sleep education (ex: sleep apnea test has 27k searches per month).
The signal: The skincare sensitive community is getting specific. People are educating themselves on topics, including the differences between AHA and BHA — alpha hydroxy acid and beta hydroxy acid. The searches don’t stop there: other chemicals like hyaluronic acid, retinol, l-cartinine, coq10, niacinamide, benzoyl peroxide, and tretinoin are getting hundreds of thousands of monthly searches, whereas vague terms like “acne cream” only get 40k.

The signal: Since killing the headphone jack, Apple has graced the world with AirPods, which did an estimated 60m units in 2019. That means AirPods alone are bringing in approx ~$10b in revenue, more than Twitter, Shopify, or Spotify, to name a few popular tech giants. Opportunity lies in Apple opening up SiriOS or the wave of iPhone accessories (including cases, cleaning kits, hooks, and keychains) which have shown “hockey stick” growth alongside their hardware predecessor.


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