#108 with Ben Gilbert and David Rosenthal – Brainstorming with the Acquired Podcast

Shaan Puri hosts the pod today with guests Ben Gilbert (@gilbert) and David Rosenthal (djrosent) from the Aquired podcast (@acquiredfm). In today’s episode you’ll hear: Shaan asks Ben and David to give some background on themselves and the Acquired podcast (0:30), Shaan gives four personalities that every company needs to succeed (11:00), the Acquired guys pitch an idea for an Airbnb that says whether or not the location has wifi (18:00), the Acquired guys talk about making your own stock index (29:10), Shaan talks about putting solar panels into space and beaming energy back down to earth (39:00), the guys talk about different ways to mitigate tax liability (48:10), the Acquired guys asks Shaan to tell the story of Bebo (62:10).