#123 – The Big Business of Buying Amazon Routes, and a COVID-proof Franchise

On today’s episode you’ll hear: How Card my Yard just might one of the best COVID-related franchises (2:10) Why Amazon logistics franchises and delivery routes are slowly becoming franchise powerhouses (5:20), Sam tells the story of his mother-in-law turned entrepreneur (11:45), Shaan and Sam talk about @visualizevalue and weigh the merits of being a solo-preneur vs. starting a world-changing technology (17:22) Shaan describes the “Zone of Genuis” and how to find it (30:30), the guys guess what their monthly burn should be to live the way they want (38:00), Shaan tells a story of how he accidentally convinced his wife to quit her consulting job to follow her passion (44:00), Sam talks about how to build an audience in-person (48:20), Sam pulls up his list of companies that he was looking to apply at 8 years ago (53:45), the two guys talk about the genius and wisdom of MMA fighter Khabib Nurmagomedov (59:00).