#12 The 1-800-GOT-JUNK Story

Brian Scudamore: Together, this president and I had almost bankrupted 1-80-GOT-JUNK. We were down $40 million in revenue in one year. The financial meltdown of 2007 and eight didn’t help. There was no one in my business that thought I was sane. That thought I’d made a good decision. They didn’t get it because people didn’t really understand or see what I saw. Somehow I stuck with it. While it took eight years to get to $1 million, we do $1 million on any given day, like today.

Shaan: My next guest who found that basic service that wasn’t being met and now he’s making hundreds of millions of dollars. That’s right, hundreds of millions of dollars.

Brian Scudamore: There I was on a boat with two very senior executives, offered $75 to $100 million is what they were talking and I said, “I wouldn’t sell it for a billion.”