#15 Dr. Iman’s Incredible Idea

Shaan: So I want to start with the who are you? So give us your name, and give us the name of your company and what your company does.

Iman Abuzeid: So my name is Iman Abuzeid, I’m the CEO and Co-Founder of Incredible Health. Incredible Health is the fastest growing hiring platform, for healthcare workers in the US today. Hospitals and health systems use our platform to hire permanent nurses today in less than 30 days, it normally takes them 90 days or longer. And our platform has driven the efficiency of hiring by 25 times. The reason that matters is the healthcare industry employees and most number of workers in America today. It is the largest labor sector in the country, but it also suffers from the biggest shortages. Our demand for health care as a country keeps going up, but we don’t have enough workers in the system and so it’s becoming harder and harder to hire.

Shaan: I want to talk about the product because I’m intrigued at how you’re doing this.