#124 – From Fantasy Stock Betting to Milk Bombs: Generating Ideas with Elaine Zelby

Shaan Puri hosts the pod solo with special guest Elaine Zelby (@ezelby). Elaine has a background in mechanical engineering but also worked at Slack and is now part of a VC group. On today’s episode you’ll hear: Elaine gives her background and how she came into the VC space (1:45), Elaine breaks down a new twist on cowering. Something she calls “Coworking 2.0” (3:35), Shaan pitches a new way to use nightclubs during their ofttimes (9:20), Elaine has a fresh take on credit cards for fans (12:20), Elaine explains why she is bullish on continuous cortisol monitoring (20:35), Elaine and Shaan brainstorm a fun take on “stock betting” (26:20), Elaine and Shaan go really deep on functional milks (32:50), How to automate re-zoning and permitting for real estate (40:14), Shaan breaks down a recent pitch he received of app-dating with only audio (47:40).