#77 with Greg Isenberg – WeWork’s Head of Product is an Idea Machine

Shaan Puri talks to Greg Isenberg (@gregisenberg) who is the Head of Product at WeWork, the cofounder of a product studio called Late Checkout, and an advisor for TikTok.

Today’s topics include: Greg talks about how YouProbablyNeedAHaircut.com came about (1:30), Greg talks about his background (4:50), Shaan and Greg talk about what drew them to Silicon Valley (11:00), Greg talks about selling his businesses to StumbleUpon and WeWork (19:00), Shaan and Greg talk business ideas (22:30), How to think about consumer internet products (26:00), Discussing how Evan Spiegel explained Snapchat (36:40) and How to invent the future and think about new products or ideas (45:45).