#118 with Harley Finkelstein (Shopify’s President) – Why You Should Drop Out Of School and Start a Shopify Store

Sam Parr and Shaan Puri are joined by Harley Finkelstein (@harleyf) on the pod today. Harley is the COO of Shopify. In today’s episode you’ll hear: Sam and Harley share a hilarious but effective way to recruit senior employees (0:30), Harley gives his background and how he became the COO at Shopify (2:52), Shaan brings to light some interesting emails from the early investment rounds of Shopify (9:30), Harley shares some of the major things he’s seeing in retail during COVID (19:30), Sam asks Harley which companies he’s seen that can be successful on Shopify (30:00), Harley explains how Cardi-B can build a brand on Shopify (37:55), The guys kick around ideas related to Shopify Apps that don’t exist that should exist (45:30), Harley explains the future of retail as he sees it (53:45).