#101 with Ryan Begelman – How to Succeed Applying Private Equity Structure to Startups

Sam Parr and Shaan Puri bring back Ryan Begelman on the podcast. In today’s episode you’ll hear: Ryan explains his idea on how high-end cooking classes could make you a million dollars a year (3:00), Ryan talks about some of the very first big name celebrities to join Summit Series (8:15), Shaan asks Ryan if Adam Neumann from WeWork took entity structure too far (11:20), Ryan gives his thesis on how you structure a business following “The Virgin Model” (14:10), Shaan asks Ryan to expand on how to create wealth while still having a great life (25:10), Ryan pulls the curtain back on what it’s like to work in big banking and private equity (33:00), Shaan explains his “sell your byproduct” framework (45:12), Ryan outlines how to grow your business without venture capital (48:05), the guys talk about the psychology behind selling a high-ticket item (52:35)