#76 with James Altucher – Making and Losing Millions Over and Over Again

Today, Sam (@thesamparr) and Shaan (@shaanvp) chat with James Altucher (@jaltucher). James is an entrepreneur, hedge fund manager, podcaster, writer and stand-up comedian. He has founded and sold companies for millions and lost his fortune over and over. He’s always found a way back and today he shares all the lessons he’s learned along the way. Today’s topics include: (1:50) James talks about his background (6:05) James explains the companies he started and how he made his money. (19:10) James became a much better investor when he started investing alongside much smarter investors. (21:30) The challenges of selling a company. (29:14) James explain why he kept losing his fortunes and what he did to start managing his money better. (32:48) How James’ happiness fluctuated as his fortunes rose and fell. (38:35) James discusses what he does today — writing, podcasting, investing and stand-up comedy. (40:00) James discusses his investment and risk management strategy. (45:30) James tries to come up with 10 new business ideas every day — he explains his process. (51:00) How would you make money if you were 21 again?