#54 Million Dollar Brainstorm – Atrium Closing Down, B2B Gifting & Curly Girl Hair

Greetings in the corona world & viral trigger content (0:14), Our run the world event is canceled (1:09), Henry has a mic now… but he’s leaving the pod (1:49), A listener is building the tithing app (3:47), Cursing in meetings (5:55), Curly girl hair (8:27), Workout app making $100m/year (12:45), Mixed race shampoo (14:13), Atrium closing down and what Justin said to Sam at Hustlecon (16:24), Paul Graham’s Do Things That Don’t Scale (22:45), Trader Joe’s founder passing away and it’s fantastic business (29:25), Hotel franchising (33:49), B2B Gifting (36:14), CEO’s discussed actually listen to the pod (42:30), Q&A: What’s your best SEO hack for a new website? (43:53), Q&A: How to make your podcast profitable? (46:47) and Best interview questions featuring Henry (49:02).