#51 Million Dollar Brainstorm – Coronavirus, Being on Shark Tank & At-Home Testing Kits with Julia Cheek

Topics for today: Sam’s time in New York (2:05), Preparing for podcasting and interviews (5:22), Meetup at Sam’s Airbnb (8:47), Reality 2020: Shaan’s upcoming trip to Israel (12:20), Their thoughts on Corona Virus situation (15:12), Transparent numbers in a business (24:27), New fintech platforms like Pipe.com (32:17), Julia Cheek joins the pod (38:00), Julia’s background at Harvard and starting her company (40:20), Her experience on Shark Tank (44:41), How rich are the sharks? (51:31), How much traffic did she get from being on the show (52:56), How her business works (56:10), Sam thinks food allergy testing is BS (58:02), Sexual health is a massive opportunity (1:00:17), Her best customer acquisition channels (1:02:18), Bootstrapping businesses (1:04:12), Turning her idea into reality (1:07:36), Price transparency is the next big thing in healthcare & Insurance (1:12:28), HR Systems (1:16:11) and Stay at home tests (1:17:35).