#75 with Randy Hetrick – Navy SEAL To $50M TRX

The audio recording in the episode had some stuff ups. Sam is not interrupting Randy, it’s just the audio delaying in recording. Very sorry for the listening experience, will be fixed in future episodes.

Sam (@thesamparr) talks to Randy Hetrick (@randyhetrick) who is the CEO of TRX training (inventor of TRX Suspension Trainer), a leading global brand in physical training and the industry leader in functional fitness. Built the company from a bootstrap start up to a high growth consumer brand with 130 employees and approximately $50M in annual revenues. Today’s topic include: Why angel investors are better to receive money from than VC’s (6:20), Starting a physical goods business and being omnichannel (13:08), Difference between being chairman and CEO (29:08), Why institutional MBA type CEO’s suck (33:07), What industries he’s interested in investing in (39:32), Sam’s MMA weight cut (43:34), Navy Seal and business leadership (46:25) and Randy’s angel investing, selling secondary and building his personal brand (55:33).