Premium Episode: Scaling in the Non-Traditional Way with John O’Nolan, co-founder of Ghost

In this interview, we brought on John O’Nolan, from Ghost. Ghost is a publishing tool that is incredibly unique in nature: it’s a…

  1. Non-profit
  2. Open-source
  3. Fully remote (even before COVID)
  4. Bootstrapped (past the initial Kickstarter)
  5. Shares its metrics openly.

Most companies can’t claim a single one of those descriptors and Ghost is the only company that comes to mind that checks all five.

In this interview, Steph dives into how Ghost has scaled to $3m ARR since its Kickstarter in 2013, how they’ve managed to secure several large enterprise clients (like Tinder, Mozilla, and Square) despite zero sales people, and where John sees the publishing space moving in coming years.